Understanding of the din

A hadith which inspires me on my search for knowledge: Whomever Allah wishes / intends good for, He gives / grants him (deep) understanding of the din: wa man yuridillahu bihi khayran yuf(a)qqihu fi’l-din.

This hadith is collected by Bukhari in his Jami’. The commentary on this hadith runs as follows:

An intimate understanding of religion doesn’t only include the knowledge of islamic law (which is what fiqh technically refers to), but includes the knowledge of the spiritual path (tariqa) and the Divine Reality (haqiqa). Darami relates that once Hasan [al-Basri] exclaimed: “Have you ever seen a faqih (jurist)? A faqih is one who exercises abstinence from the world (zuhd), is a seeker of the Hereafter, is insightful in the matters of his religion, and is regular in his worship to his Lord”. (Mirqat al-mafatih 1:450). (Source: Provisions for the Seekers, pp. 90, 91)


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