Tarim is calling me…

I have been fascinated by Yemen for a long time, even before I converted to islam. I read several books in Dutch on Yemen, for example: – Tim Mackintosh-Smith, “Jemen”; – Eric Hansen, “Naar Jemen en de Rode Zee”. These book are most probably also available in the English language. Fascinated by its mysterious character, the typical architecture and of course: islam; Yemen is the place to go and discover These books directed my attention towards Yemen, I didn’t read about Tarim though. I found about Tarim in the south of Yemen, the area called (Wadi) Hadhramawt (which means: “death has come”) later on. Coincidence or not, but the heritage of my wife’s family also traces back to Hadhramawt. Tarim is also the place of birth of imam al-Haddad, the renewer (mujaddid) of the twelfth islamic century. Hasn’t our beloved Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – said: “The people of Yemen are more friendly and courteous than anyone. Faith is from Yemen, wisdom is from Yemen”. A special place in my heart has been created for the blessed Dar al-Mustafa and the Badr Language Institute. My intention is to go and study there one day insha’Allah, when….only Allah knows. I just have a feeling Tarim is calling me to come, people who have been there recognize this feeling. Tarim is awaiting me, ready to unveil its secrets.

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