Was Johann (von) Goethe a muslim?

Well, I guess we all know or have at least heard of Goethe. This is an interesting question….much has already been said and written on the subject. Some people are convinced, some aren’t. W’Allahu ‘alam is all I can say….

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a booklet at the bookshop in the Bilal – mosque in Aachen (Germany) on this subject, called:

Bruder Johann Ibn Goethe. Die unbekannte Ueberzeugung des deutschen Dichters zum Islam” by Abu-r-Rida Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Rassoul which can be translated as “Brother Johann Ibn Goethe. The unknown islamic conviction of the German poet” which seems to indicate an affirmative answer to the question posed in the thread.

There is another book in German on this subject: K. Mommsen: Goethe und der Islam, Insel Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 2001. There is even a clip (in German) on YouTube by this lady on the subject, which I have added to this post which you can see, with the title: “Goethe war Muslim”.

I have also included another video (in English) from YouTube on the topic, called “Goethe was Muslim”.

To end this post a quote from his “West-Oestliche Divan” (West-East Diwan), in Dutch: “In het ademhalen ligt een dubbele genade…Dank God als Hij je onder druk zet en dank Hem, als Hij je weer vrijlaat.” In English: In breathing there is a double mercy…praise God (Allah) when He puts pressure on you and praise Him, when he releases you again. How much does this remind of us Mawlana Rumi who said that a wise man constantly recognizes the works of Allah in everything, even in breathing.

For those who have already checked YouTube will see that some even people even claim Einstein was a muslim. Even Nietzsche had respect for islam. More on this in a later post.


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