Musnid of the World

After a serious and sincere request from the brother who did all the work / research and to who my respect goes out I decided to partly remove this post and just refer to the link given below. This scholar is one of the hidden pearls of this ummah, may Allah have mercy on him and on us all. He is also called (by some) the “Musnid of the World” or Musnid al-Dunya / al-‘Asr / al-Waqt because he gathered asanid from some 700 (great) scholars. Read his biography on the following link:









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2 responses to “Musnid of the World

  1. As-salaamu ‘aleykum Brother,
    Please forgive my adab.
    I believe that if one clicks on the link you posted he will receive a message like the one I got:
    “This blog is open to invited readers only

    It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.”
    Soo…yea. If you could get him to let us see, that would be grand.
    Anyway jazakullah khair for the site, I can’t believe I’ve never stumbled across it before. May Allah (swt) reward you and grant you high spiritual stations.

  2. haruni

    Wa ‘aleykum salam wa rahmatullah brother,

    No problem sidi. I suspect that log has been closed anyways. He started a website but I’m not sure the article on shaykh Yasin al-Fadani is there. Look here:

    Wa iyyakum. Amin to your du’a and kind words.

    Fi amanillah

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