Ahadith on (the importance and merits of) – sacred – knowledge

Some ahadith on (the importance and merits of) knowledge, all taken from “Provisions for the Seekers” / Zad at-Talibin min Kalami Rasuli Rabbi’l-‘Alamin by shaykh ‘Ashiq Ilahi al-Bulandshehri and translated by Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf.

– Moderation in spending is half of [one’s] sustenance, friendlinesstoward people is half of [one’s] intelligence, and asking good questions is half of [one’s] knowledge.

– To seek sacred knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim.

– The best among you is he who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.

– Two greedy people are never satiated: one who is greedy for knowledge can never get enough of it, and one who is greedy for worldly possessions can never get enough of them.

-A morning or an evening spent in the path of Allah is more superior than the world and whatever it contains.

– A single jurist is more severe on Satan than a hundred worshippers.

– The likeness of knowlegde from which no benefit is derived is that of a treasure from which no portion is spent in the path of Allah.

– In some forms of knowledge there is ignorance, and some forms of speech are a source of hardship.

– Verily the world is accursed and accursed is what it contains, except the remembrance of Allah, that which Allah loves, and someone with sacred knowledge or someone learning it.

– Among those actions and good deeds [whose rewards] a believer will recover after his death are sacred knowledge he taught and spread, a pious child he left behind, a copy of the Qur’an he left as a legacy, a masjid he constructed or a house he built for the traveller, a stream he set flowing, or voluntary charity he gave from his wealth while he was alive and healthy – they will continue to reach him after his death.  

– The cure for ignorance is to question.

– What an excellent person the religious scholar is – when needed he is helpful and when not needed he enriches himself.

– Convey from me, even if only a verse.

– Preserve what you have memorized of the Qur’an, because by Him in whose hand lies my life, it escapes [from the heart] faster than a camel does from its rope.

– From whomever Allah intends good, He grants him deep understanding of religion (Islam).

– Whoever is asked about some [religious] matter of which he has knowledge, but withholds it, he will be bridled with fire on the Day of Judgment.

– Whoever advises his brother concerning a matter, knowing that correct guidance lies in another direction, has betrayed him.

– Whoever is given a legal ruling (fatwa) without knowledge, then the sin is on the one who issued it.

– Whoever leaves home to seek sacred knowledge is on the path of Allah until he returns.

– Whoever seeks sacred knowledge to vie with scholars, argue with fools, or capture public notice, Allah will enter him into Hellfire.

– Whoever seeks that knowledge by which the pleasure of Allah is sought [sacred knowledge] only to acquire some worldly gain, he will not smell the fragrance of Paradise on the Day of Judgment.

– The Prophet s.a.w.s. said, “This sacred knowledge will be borne by the reliable authorities of each successive generation, who will [preserve it and] remove from it the alternations of those guilty of exaggeration, the plagiarism of the corrupt, and the false interpretations of the ignorant.”

– The Prophet s.a.w.s. said, “Time will become short, sacred knowledge will be withdrawn, temptations will emerge, extreme avarice will descend, and harj will prevail.” They asked, “What is the meaning of harj?” He replied, “Massive discord and bloodshed.”

– The Prophet s.a.w.s. said, “Soon a time will come upon people when nothing of Islam will remain but its name and nothing of the Qur’an will remain but its script. Their masjids will be in fine condition and full but will be empty of guidance. Their scholars will be the worst people beneath the sky: from them corruption will emerge and in them it will return.”

– The Prophet s.a.w.s. said, “Allah will not seize sacred knowledge by extracting it from people, but will seize it by removing the scholars until, when there remains no learned person, people will appoint ignorant men as leaders. When questioned, they will pass rulings without knowledge. Thus, they will be misguided and will misguide others.”

– The Prophet s.a.ws. said, “Acquire sacred knowledge and teach it to others, learn the obligations of Religion and teach them to others, and learn the Qur’an and teach it to others; for I am a mortal being and sacred knowledge will soon [too] be eradicated, and strife will occur to such an extent that two people will disagree over a religious obligation and will find nobody to decide between them.”

– ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr r.a. narrates that the Messenger of Allah s.a.w.s. passed by two groups in the masjid and commented, “Both of these groups are engaged in good, but one of them is superior ot the other. This group is beseeching Allah and supplicating to Him. If Allah wishes He will fulfill their prayers, and if He wishes He will deny them. As for the other group, they are studying sacred law (or he said sacred knowledge) and they are teaching the ignorant. Therefore, they are superior, and I have not been sent but as a teacher.” He then sat with them.   






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