W. Montgomery Watt on al-Ghazali

Read what W. Montgomery Watt said on al-Ghazali:

“Deep study of al-Ghazali may suggest to Muslims steps to be taken if they are to deal successfully with the contemporary situation. Christians, too, now that the world is in a cultural melting-pot, must be prepared to learn from Islam, and are unlikely to find a more sympathetic (spiritual) guide than al-Ghazali”
W. Montgomery Watt. The Senior Lecturer in Arabic University of Edinburgh 1952. (Source: www.allah.com)

Bell’s Introduction to the Qur’an by W. Montgomery Watt was one of the first books I read about the Qur’an as far as I can remember. I wonder if Montgomery Watt never considered to become a Muslim after studying the Qur’an and the works of al-Ghazali.


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