Sufi nor Salafi

Sufi nor Salafi, that is what I am. For those who have been reading my log so far: I’m not a Sufi and I’m not a Salafi. What am I? ….Still no clue? The answer is very simple, I’ll spell it for you:


This suffices and should suffice for everyone. End of discussion. For those that think that I’m a Sufi: I’m far from a Sufi. I like to read about tasawwuf and I acknowledge this is a science just as any other science of this beautiful din, which has always been a part of the curriculum of students of knowledge. 

I can’t imagine anyone thinks I’m a Salafi but in a way I probably am: just as any other Muslim I follow the Salaf us-Salih. To be honest I can’t imagine any Muslim not to follow the Salaf us-Salih.

I feel there is no need to stress I am this or that or to distinguish myself from other Muslims (whether Sufi, Salafi, Sunni, Shi’a or ‘Ibadhi), in the end Allah is our Judge and I leave the judgment to Him, the only thing that matters to me is if I die as a Muslim, in a state of complete submission to Allah. La ilaha ill’Allah, Muhammad ar-Rasul’Allah. May He grant us all a beautiful and good ending.


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