Other texts by ‘Abd ar-Rahman al-Akhdari

After a request from a brother this is another post on shaykh ‘Abd ar-Rahman al-Akhdari – rahimahullahu ta’ala – and his works, especially his texts on logic (mantiq) and balagha (rhetoric) which has to do with or is a – major – branch of (Arabic) grammar also. As is known to all students of knowledge and scholars the science of logic, just like the Arabic language, is a prerequisite science for all other islamic sciences; although it is said in the past the likes of shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have mercy on him) – and others – have denied this fact (and he was recently refuted by shaykh Sa’id Foudah – see www.al-razi.net – in his work “Critiquing a critique” to be downloaded from www.marifah.net). This logic is based on the logic of Aristotle and further refined by muslim scholars. In the usual curriculum for a student a work by al-Akhdari on (classical) logic is taught and studied called:

as-Sullam al-Munawraq fi ‘Ilm al-mantiq

This work is a 144-line poem written by al-Akhdari when he was still young. Al-Akhdari also wrote a sharh on it. This work or primer is still studied all over the islamic world from Morocco to Indonesia. In English it can be translated as “The Ornamented Ladder”. You can take an online course on it with SunniPath.

The work on balagha by al-Akhdari is called:

al-Jawhar ul-Maknun / al-Jawahir al-Maknuna fi’l-ma’ni wa’l-bayan wa’l-badi’

Both of these work proof and haven proven their usefulness in the study of the usul ud-din and (usul) al-fiqh. Several commentaries have been written on these works which I’m not going to mention, partly because I don’t know them but for those who want to find out: search the internet and you will find insha’Allah.

A document which may be of use for people who are interested on mantiq can be downloaded here: mantiq

As far as I know no online version of the Sullam and the Jawhar is available and I am not aware of any translations into English until now. Insha’Allah in the future. People who are interested in reading about logic in English can read the book by J.A. Oesterle called “Logic: The Art of Defining and Reasoning”.

I’ll try to find out if both ore at least one of these works of al-Akhdari are available online and let you know in another post insha’Allah.

There is another (to me unknown) work from the shaykh available in the French language “The 1000 questions and answers about religious practices in islam according to the Malike rite”, check here:




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2 responses to “Other texts by ‘Abd ar-Rahman al-Akhdari

  1. ali

    i was told there are errors in the sullam al-muawraq made by the author

    are these errors major or minor? and what are they?

  2. haruni

    Salam brother,

    I’m afraid I can’t answer these questions at all. Ask a knowledgeable person who knows insha’Allah. Sorry.

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