Imam Birgivi (r.) and his works

This is the first in an (attempted) series of less well-known or more or less forgotten Ottoman scholars. Here we discuss a little on imam Birgivi (r.) and his works. He was an Ottoman scholar and mystic also known as Muhammad ibn Pir Ali or Mehmet Efendi or al-Birkawi (in Arabic) and he died and was burried in the small town of Birgi(v) in Turkey near Izmir (about 120 km.). Someone from Turkey I know actually visited his tomb, he only realised this after I asked him about the imam. A biography of the imam can be read here: World Wisdom published an English translation of one of the most well-known works of the imam under the title: “The Path of Muhammad. A Book on Islamic Morals & Ethics.” It is a book on the character of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) and it is still in use today in many of the most important universities in the islamic world. This work can be bought in several online bookshops. A chapter of that book can be read here: next to some other chapters. The book also contains “The Last Will and Testament (Vasiyyetname)” by imam Birgivi, a summary of his life’s teachings and a manual of theology.   
The book is interpreted and/or translated into the English language by shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti (, after the Sufi-order with the same name ( and The foreword is done by shaykh Abdul Mabud ( and there is an introduction by Vincent J. Cornell (  
Wikipedia also has some information on the imam:
I can’t remember where and when I bought this book but I can absolutely recommend it to anyone, it’s a classic on the science of tasawwuf.
Another book written by imam Birgivi is on the (Hanafi) fiqh of menstruation, translated into English and known under the title: Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted: Complete Fiqh of Menstruation and Related Issues, which can be bought online from Kitaabun: This interpretation also contains the commentary by imam Ibn ‘Abidin (Bio: and here: of the manual.  
On SunniPath ( there will be a course insha’Allah on this manual by the imam.
The imam also wrote on Arabic grammar (nahu) and compiled a treatise called al-Awamil in short and a treatise called Izhar al-Asrar fi’n-Nahu. Original manuscripts of both these books can be bought online here: A modern copy of this work (together with the matn of al-Ajrumiyyah) can be bought from this online bookshop:
For those really interested: from the Lisan ul Arab forum the original text and an English translation can be downloaded as Word-documents. See:
Hope to have provided enough information for those who seek knowledge and Allah is the (only) One that grants succes.

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