Safinatu’n-Najaa / Ship to Salvation

In Kenya I was introduced to the short Shafi’i fiqh – text “Safinatu’n-Najaa” or “Ship to Salvation” in English, I read the text with a teacher, mainly to improve my Arabic, and he explained it in English. Until that time there was a partial English translation on this website:

But now there is wonderful and complete English translation of this basic Shafi’i fiqh primer, with explanation, available for download from this website:’%20In’amiyyah%20Website).pdf or here:

The Arabic text from the Safinatu’n-Najaa can be downloaded from this site:

A commentary/explanation or sharh of this text can be downloaded here: It’s called “Kashifat as-Saja sharh Safinatu’n-Najaa” by imam Muhammad Nawawi bin ‘Umar al-Bantani from Indonesia.

Another sharh of this text is: “Nayl al-Raja bi-sharh Safinatu’n-Najaa” by as-Sayyid Ahmad b. ‘Umar ash-Shatiri from Yemen. Other existing commentaries (shurooh) – in poetry also – are mentioned in (footnote 44) this article:


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