‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam

I bought ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam, a book on fiqh ul-hadeeth, in Kenya in a cheap Indian print version, for only 1 euro. This book is especially popular with our Salafi brethren and explained by many contemporary Salafi scholars, some of them mentioned below. Here is what one can find online on this book:

– The whole book in Arabic: http://www.esnips.com/doc/28584ba2-ca84-4c80-a53a-5ff88e751231/UMDATUL-AHKAAM-ARABIC-TEXT

– ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam with the notes of shaykh bin al-Uthamin (in Arabic) – rahimahullah – under the name “Tanbeeh ul-Afhaam“: http://www.binothaimeen.com/soft/moton/OmdatAlahkam.exe  The book can be bought here: http://www.salafilibrary.com/slib/ See a short remark on the book here: http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=6&Topic=3934

– Here a short translated (English) transcript of the sharh by shaykh al-Jabiri on the subject of menstruation: http://www.salafitalk.net/st/uploads/ACFDBD.pdf

– English translation and explanation of the first chapter on tahaarah by shaykh dr. Abdul Majid Ali, one of the students of Bilal Philips: http://drabdulmajid.com/explanationofumdatulahkaam.aspx 

– The explanation by way of threads / posts of ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam on the Multaqa Ahl al-Hadeeth forum: http://www.ahlalhdeeth.com/vbe/showthread.php?t=663

– Fiqh ul-Hadeeth, the whole book including sharh; translated English text and lectures by shaykh Abu Muhammad ‘Abdur-Rauf Shakir: http://www.islamlecture.com/fhadeeth.htm

– Lectures and documents on the explanation of ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam “Tayseer al-‘Allaam” (by shaykh Aal Bassaam): http://www.islamhouse.com/p/43394 (Arabic)

– Partly explanation of ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam in Dutch: http://www.al-yaqeen.com/nieuw/bibliotheek/rubriek.php?id=70 and here http://www.soennah.com/content/category/14/42/41/ (fasting / vasten)

This book is sometimes confused with the Hanbali fiqh – book -‘Umdat ul-Fiqh-, as can be read here:   http://forums.islamicawakening.com/1241-post1.html and here: http://www.ahlalhdeeth.com/vbe/showthread.php?t=5483

– An explanation with the name “Riyaadh al-Afhaam fi Sharh ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam” (Arabic) by Taj ud-Din al-Fakihani can be downloaded here: http://www.2shared.com/file/7188488/11dc1bc4/Riyaadh_al-Afhaam.html

– Lectures on the sharh of ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam by the late shaykh Ibn Jibrin rahimahullah: http://www.archive.org/details/ibnJibrin_umdat (Arabic)

– Lectures (Arabic) on the sharh by shaykh Ibn Daqiq al-‘Ied “Ihkaam ul-Ahkaam” can be downloaded here: http://www.archive.org/details/Wakil-Ihkam-02

–  On the website of the Islamic Online University from Bilal Philips a free course can be taken on the “Fiqh of Tahaarah” based on the sharh of ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam “Tayseer al-‘Allaam“, of which the documents can be downloaded here: http://kalamullah.com/fiqh-of-tahaarah.html

– Shaykh an-Najmi also wrote a sharh on ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam with the name “Ta’sis ul-Ahkaam“. This is mentioned in his biography: http://www.fatwa-online.com/scholarsbiographies/15thcentury/ahmadannajmee.htm

– A small book review on ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam can be read here: http://darul-fusha.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=90&Itemid=88

– Lectures in English by the late shaykh Saleh as-Saleh on ‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam: http://understand-islam.net/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=144&Itemid=17

Nowadays a course on the text can be taken from www.cordobaacademy.com



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5 responses to “‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam

  1. Jameel


    I found the lessons in English from http://www.ibnfarooq.com/lessons.html to be very helpful. Does anyone know if they are going to post more of them? Anyone know how to contact the shaykh who wrote them.

  2. haruni

    Wa aleykum salam wa rahmatullah brother,

    Ibn Farooq is not a shaykh but merely a student, just so you know. You can contact him here: http://www.ibnfarooq.com/contactUs.html

    Hope this helps insha’Allah,

    yours sincerely,


  3. Jameel

    walaykum salam

    thanks brothers. He must be an advanced student since I have not found anything in English as detail and with this type of research on the net. Do you know him? Do you know if he is in the US or UK?

  4. haruni

    Wa salamu aleykum wa rahmatullah,

    I’m just on my own, there is only 1 brother, no more. Yes, his material is very good and detailed masha’Allah, may Allah reward him. He was taught well. I don’t know him as he lives in the US as far as I know, not in UK. I have seen posts by him on several islamic fora but that’s all I know. Contact him insha’Allah!



  5. Wow I checked out the lessons on http://www.ibnfarooq.com/lessons.html and I have to say I have never seen such advanced lessons in English. Really good stuff masha’allah alaikum.

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