Good quote Hamza Yusuf and an advice

Hamza Yusuf said in one of his fabulous lectures: “Our society is a society that celebrates the death of the spirit in giving life to the lowest pursuits of humanity. That is the death of the soul.

See his video here:

Dear brothers and sisters we need to wake up from our sleep. This was said by Hamza Yusuf in 1995 and what we see nowadays 14 years later is still true and it has even become worse: this Western society is sick, really sick. We are not aware of the impact of the sicknesses of our hearts and the great blessings Allah has bestowed upon us to cure these sicknesses and to cure the people around us with the gift of islam. Our beloved Prophet came to cure the hearts of the peoples and since his time until now we see the same sicknesses only on a larger scale than he probably could have imagined. What can we do?

Throw out the television out of our houses as a first step because watching television is a full time job for a lot of people. Watching television creates these sicknesses. I already stopped watching television for more than a year now and I can only say: ALHAMDULILLAH! All that time I have after coming home from work, blessed time which can be spent usefully. Dear brothers and sisters, spend your time well and stop wasting time watching television. Bring your dead spirit back to life, surrender to al-Hayy and don’t give in to what this society promotes: celebrating the death of the spirit and celebrating the dominance of the lower, evil nafs and pleasing the shaytaan and following your hawaa because you are “free”. Wake up before you really die as sleep is the cousin of death, the little death. This is my humble nasihah to myself and to all of you who read this.


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