Adhaan in Germany (and the Netherlands)

I visited a small German city yesterday (Saturday the 7th of November) called Dueren (near Aachen) to go to a dars/lesson in another place (Siegen, in the so called Sauerland, south-east Germany). While walking around with another brother enjoying some lunch at hand I sudden heard the start of the adhaan out loud in public but no mosque was to be seen. I was not sure if I heard it correctly because I couldn’t believe my ears. The adhaan in Germany? Yes indeed, we kept listening and starting walking towards the direction we heard it coming from.  We stumbled upon a big Turkish mosque and the adhaan was being called. Subhanallah just at the moment I thought it was time for the ‘asr –  prayer I heard the adhaan. This is amazing, we asked the people there about it and they confirmed it is allowed in their city three times a day, except for fajr and ‘ishaa. Dueren apparently is the only city in the whole of Germany where calling the adhaan in public is allowed masha’Allah wa la hawla wa la quwatta illah billah! Our day already started off blessed. We prayed ‘asr at that mosque and continued on our way. Here is a picture of the mosque:

We were not able to record the adhaan on our mobiles though. Islam is growing, also in Europe wa’l-hamdulillah! Coming from the Netherlands we know that Geert Wilders wouldn’t like this of course. I think it is not allowed except for one mosque in our country to call the believers to prayer. Little did he know that the adhaan was already called in the Netherlands in 1957 at/from the second mosque of the country established by muslims from the Moluccan islands in Indonesia (and he – Geert Wilders –  is of Indonesian descent subhanallah!). Watch this video:  At one time in history the Netherlands could even be called the biggest/largest muslim country in the world because of their ruling over Indonesia as a colonial power. He doesn’t seem to be aware of his own history, the history of the Netherlands and Indonesia. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the adhaan all over our country? Isn’t a human voice much more beautiful than the noise/voice a clocktower makes?


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