al-Fiqh ul-Akbar

This post contains some info on al-Fiqh ul-Akbar by imam Abu Hanifah. There are several translations available online and as books in several languages.

1.) In German:  See here the YouTube promotion:

2.) In English:

There is a bookreview in Dutch on this book by a befriended brother:

3.) One of the first, if not the first, English translations by Wensinck, a Dutch orientalist under the title “The Muslim Creed”, which can be downloaded as PDF here:

A summarized review of this book can be read here:

4.) An English translation by Hamid Algar can be read here:

5.) The Ahbash English translation can be read here: (download as PDF)

6.) A sharh of the book in Arabic is available for download here:

7.) A book review on the English translation under nr. 2. from Seekingilm: 

There seems to be some debate about the question if this is really the work of imam Abu Hanifah, these questions are answered in the translation under nr. 2 so buy and read that book I’d say!

8.) There is a lecture series on the book available to be bought (DVD in English) from this site:;jsessionid=9876E86ED5789C418745C96C92E9EB39.qscstrfrnt05?productId=13&categoryId=1

9.) Translation by shaykh Ninowy:

10.) The book in Arabic with sharh:



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3 responses to “al-Fiqh ul-Akbar

  1. Abdur Rehman

    I need translation in urdu

  2. Need more information about Islam,I am muttawaffi of zama masjid Bilaspur chhattisgarh India.I am working for poor muslim particularly for education as Arbi,urdu,English.

  3. haruni

    Salam brother, I’m afraid I can’t help u. You should turn to Muslim organisations in your own country, they surely can help you a lot better than I can insha’Allah. May Allah grant u tawfiq.

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