Mukhtar al-Hadith

Mukhtar al-Hadith by Habib ‘Umar


While I was translating this text into Dutch (with the permission of Habib ‘Umar), we have also recently witnessed an English translation of the small hadith collection Mukhtar al-Hadith by Habib ‘Umar hafizahullahu ta’ala by the Ribat Institute in UK (see here:


The original Arabic text can be downloaded here: .


The English translation can be bought here (but elsewhere online as well):


This booklet has also been translated to Swedish:


It is the first text taught on the riwayah al-hadith (transmission of hadith) – curriculum of Dar al-Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen.


As we can read in the booklet the ahadith are drawn from the work Shifa al-Saqim by ash-shaykh al-Habib Muhammad al-Haddar (for his bio: This work itself is a selection of ahadith from as-Suyuti’s Fayd al-Qadir.


Some extra information about the text:

– It consists of 59 ahadith with the full chain of narration. Mentioned is the collection in which it has been recorded and the hadith gradings are given as well here and there. In the footnotes more info is given on the narrators and the sources.

– The purpose of the text is to memorize the ahadith.

– There is a foreword of Habib ‘Umar.

– The booklet contains a biography of Habib ‘Umar.

– In the back of the book the short biographies are given of the narrators of the 59 ahadith.


Allahumma inna nasaluka qalban saliman wa la qalban saqiman.


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