Matn al-Kharidah al-Bahiyyah

Recently I had the honor (alhamdulillah) to receive the English translation (and ijazah of sam’a) of the widely accepted Ash’ari ‘aqidah matn (and poem) al-Kharidah al-Bahiyyah (from shaykh ad-Dardir r.) by shaykh Ahmad Saad from London. See here: (scroll down).

Here is an audio recording of a previous reading of that matn by him:

A sharh of this text can be read here:

From January 2012 is offering an online course on this matn insha’Allah.

Another English translation of this text was done by shaykh Abu Ja’far al-Hanbali:

See also here for a translation:



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2 responses to “Matn al-Kharidah al-Bahiyyah

  1. sha

    asalamu alaukum do you know if there is a matn (text) online?

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