Shaykh ‘Abd ul-Hamid bin Badis

I recently came across an interesting and less well known scholar from Algeria, called ‘Abd ul-Hamid bin Badis (1889 – 1940), rahimahullah, a student of Muhammad at-Tahir bin ‘Ashur and Shaykh al-Islam Hussayn Ahmad Madani. He was one of the most influential scholars of Algeria in the last century and a grerat reformer, opposed agains the French colonization. I came across his name in the book of women hadith scholars by shaykh Mashhur Salman because he promoted the idea that women need to study.

Shaykh bin Badis wrote a tafsir on the Qur’an with the title: Majalis al-Tadhkir min Kalam al-Hakim al-Khabir. This book can be bought here:

Here I’d like to provide some links to interesting articles with regards to him for those who want to find out more about him:

Biographical info


Interesting paper: “Ibn Badis and modernity”:


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