Muqaddimah Ibn as-Salah

Recently I bought the English translation of the Muqaddimah of Ibn as-Salah in the science of hadith in London and I went through the complete book in the weekend in order to prepare for a lecture and make some changes to the previous article on the maqra’ah and I found it highly beneficial, although a little too advanced for me here and here yet. Here an overview of the book:

The whole book can be downloaded here:

Here is a biography of Ibn as-Salah:  and here another one:

Here one can listen to lectures by shaykh Abu Ghuddah rahimahullah on the explanation of the book:

Here are 2 Arabic versions of the book:


‘Ulum al-Hadith (ed. shaykh Nur ud-Din ‘Itr)




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3 responses to “Muqaddimah Ibn as-Salah

  1. aisha

    Shiekh Gibrail Foud Haddad has this to say about this translation:
    “Indeed, the translator’s entire introduction is disquieting and seems to have been dashed off on a bad day. What to say of the disparagement of the great H. anbalī h.adīth Master ¢Abd al-Ghanī al-Maqdisī, known as Ibn Surūr (to whom such luminaries of h.adīth and its fiqh such as Ibn Daqīq al-¢Id and al-Mizzī became indebted), as “a pathological troublemaker and career martyr”? Or the assessment that “Ibn al-S. alāh.’s networking finally paid off” with his professorship at the Rawāh.iyya school? Or the sarcasm that “the acquisition of the sandal of the Prophet was his [the ruler of Syria al-Malik al-Ashraf’s] major culturalachievement”? I suggest Mr. Dickinson look up the Siyar for the exchange that took place between Ibn Sīrīn and ¢Abīdat al-Salmānī, followed by al-Dhahabī’s comments, to learn the place a Prophetic relic holds in the hearts of Muslims.”

  2. haruni

    Barak Allahu fiki for this.

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