Shaykh Muhammad al-Amin al-Ithiopi

One of the hidden gems of this ummah is the very learned Ethiopian shaykh Muhammad al-Amin b. ‘Abdullah b. Yusuf b. Hassan al-Urumi al-‘Alawi (b. 1348 AH) hafizahullah. I recently obtained one of his wonderful books with the title: “al-Thamarat al-Janniyyah min Qitaf Matn al-Bayquniyyah” (The available Fruits from the Harvest of the Bayquniyyah Text). This is a short commentary (sharh) on the primer in mustalah al-hadith “al-Bayquniyyah” (158 pages) published by Dar al-Minhaj & Dar Tawq al-Najah). The shaykh resides in Mekka and is a teacher in Dar al-Hadith al-Khayriyyah during the day and at night in the Haram al-Sharif. He wrote 59 books in many sciences with a tafsir of 33 vols. which contain 7-9 separate sciences, which is his masterpiece. His sharh of the Bayquniyyah is special in the way that after the explanation of each verse he breaks it down in ‘irab. He also has Q&A on each subject and he adds benefits here and there. The book is easy to read and fit for beginners. And after his biography he grants every owner of his book a special gift: an ijazah ‘ammah in everything he relates in all the sciences and in all of his works. May Allah reward the shaykh and grant us the possibility to meet him.

More biographical info about him:

The previous version of his nice work on mustalah al-hadith can be downloaded here:

His tafsir can be downloaded here:


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