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I am a weak and poor slave, servant of Allah who is in desperate need of Him and His mercy. I’m searching for Him, searching for the truth, searching / seeking for knowledge (of Him). A slave, servant who wants to learn and fear Allah and who wants to put his hope(s) in Allah. “Whoever knows himself, will know his Lord” – as the hadith goes – is what is on my mind in my (re)search. Now I’m (Sunni) muslim (I converted / reverted several years ago) but I don’t know – only Allah knows – if I’m going to end as a muslim. May Allah give me a good ending, I hope and pray I will die as a muslim. The search continues…with His will some veils between me and Him will be lifted…
My name is H., in my thirties. I live in the Netherlands.
Study background
I’m seeking to tread the path of those who seek knowledge (talab ul-‘ilmi) – I’m literally still at the basmala. Furthermore, I have started to translate islamic texts (books) from English to Dutch for a publisher.
I have a masters degree in Dutch (criminal) law and specialized in islamic law by following a course on islamic law at university and writing my masters thesis on the application of islamic criminal law (‘uqubat) in the Sudan. I took two introductory courses in Arabic at university and for six months I had almost daily private lessons in Arabic and islam (introductions to grammar, morphology, ‘aqida, ahadith, fiqh and tajwid) with  personal teachers in Kenya. At the moment I’m continuing my studies in the Arabic language by taking several courses, also online. Furthermore, I took several islamic (also online) courses (of which I didn’t complete some due to several reasons) which I’ll continue to keep doing.
Next to this I’m mainly an autodidact muslim who a spends a lot of his free time reading and studying books on islam, doing research and visiting lectures and conferences.
One word:books (and reading them)! I collect books (especially on islam but also on other subjects, including literature; in several languages) and have a small, moderate – academic – collection at home, a small library. Secondly, I like to travel and have travelled all over the Mediterreanean and some countries in the Middle East with my backpack, from Portugal to Jordan. I’m a true admirer of imam ash-Shafi’i – rahimahullah – and hujjatullah imam al-Ghazali – may Allah have mercy on him and sanctify his secret – and their writings, which deeply inspire me. Furthermore, one day I would love to go and study Arabic and islam somewhere but Allah is the best of planners and He always does what He wants so I don’t know where and when this will take place.
“Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every muslim” or in another translation: “To seek sacred knowledge is an obligation on every muslim” (talab ul-‘ilmi faridatun ‘ala kulli muslim). (Source: Ibn Majah) There are two kinds of knowledge: That which we know will always be smaller than that which we don’t know. That which we don’t know is actually the biggest part of all knowledge in this world and this will stay like that until the Last Day. For me this is actually a big motivator to keep seeking because what I know is so little.  Every day is a new opportunity to increase in knowledge.

17 responses to “About me / Over mij

  1. Student

    Assalaamualaykum Brother Harun,

    I read some of your comments and questions on Marifah.net (i am assuming you are the same Harun) :). Especially the ones where you asked on the forum about mainstream Ulemas. I can recommend some websites such as Sunnipath which I am sure you are already aware of. The creed of the scholars at Sunnipath is that of mainstream scholars (at least from my research). I am a born Muslim from India and have been exposed to various factions among Muslims. Like you I am also searching for truth and so far have been disappointed by the Salafi approach. But still some of the Salafi scholars sound good like Al-Shanqiti. At least some his fatwas are good. I also like Imam Suhaib Webb , but sometimes there are things from him that confuse me a lot.

    I have taken some courses on Sunnipath and so far quite happy and satisfied with them.

    May Allah (swt) show us the right path.

  2. Salaam, Brother,
    I found some valuable information in this forum and thought maybe you’d like to read about it.
    There another forum like this but I can’t remember the name, wherein some unknown scholars give their inputs on Hadith and Qawaaid al Hadith etc. books on Hadith and their authors and unknown details whose research and detail seems to be casual but remarkably fair and accurate. I will inform you of it (the forum or website) when I find it. In the meantime wish you all the best in your work and study.

  3. Just a very kind notice to ‘student.’ Salafi approach is broad and our brains are limited at particular times when the knowledge is passed on to us, so we we tend to be a little confused but with time we come to realize through experience and bahth(reearch)that’s why before people used to study the mulazamah way by which the student lives with the master (teacher) in the course of study. Every salafi student experiences the same…and it reaches an extent where you might doubt or disqualify the master (teacher) wal 3iyadhu billah. PS. It’s better to have tawadhu3(to be humble and patient before concluding i.e adabul ilm which is important and comes first before acquiring knowledge) and also acquire knowledge from successors of original/traditional ilm (chain of scholars.) Wallah A3lam. Humble slave…Mashrab Saggaf from East Africa, Kenya…Mombasa. Assalamaleykum!

  4. Brother H. I admire your efforts and collections… Nafa3nallah! I’m a medical student in Ukraine. We have the same interests and tend to approach from similar directions…amazing mashallah! Thanks a lot, jazakallah kheira! Fatahallah 3alaik wa hafidhak! Assalam Aleykum… A brother from Kenya. 🙂

  5. haruni

    Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah brother Mashrab,


    Jazzak Allah for comments and nice words, I appreciate.

    Take care,


  6. Mashrab Saggad

    Alaykum Salam Haruni, wa iyyaak! Thanx! Same!:)

  7. Asslamo alaikum wrwb. Please I need your help about Fiqh ul Sunnah by Sayyad Sabiq. I need the introduction of Sayyad Sabiq because I am working on his Book Fiqh ul Sunnah as a research scholar. Jazakallah khair. my gmail Email Id is ahmadnuaman

  8. Moehammad

    Selamaleikom,May Allah bestow His blessing upon you,i am Shafi’i follower,converted in 1999.You have a very intresting an open website,wich promotes mainstream sunni Islam,wich is hard to find today,selamaleikom

  9. haruni

    Wa aleykum salam wa rahmatullah brother. Amin, may Allah reward you for your comments, I appreciate. Fi amanillah.

  10. malik

    salam alykum, did you study with shrunk mohammed hassan al dedew and how does one get in touch with him

  11. haruni

    Wa aleykum salam wa rahmatullah brother. No, I didn’t study with him. I also don’t know how to get in touch with him. Good luck.

  12. suleman

    assallam alaikum
    brother i just stumbled across your blog… and i have to say what i nice and educating site, may allah swt reward you for all your efforts…
    i stumbled across this site as i was searching more info about the shadalli darqawi aliwiya tareeqah…
    please feel free to mail me as i wish to know more about the tareeqah ,
    i would really appreciate and be greatfull for your assistance

    hope to speak soon



  13. haruni

    Wa ‘aleykum salam wa rahmatullah brother,

    Thanks and amin brother.

    For more info I suggest you check my other blog: https://dutchdarqawi.wordpress.com/

    Fi amanillah,


  14. suleman

    assallam alaiukum

    thank you v much for the link, and after reading and trying to understand it all…lol

    can you pls mail me as i have a question or 2 on a personal level….
    i would really appreciate your time


  15. Wa ‘aleykum salam wa rahmatullah sidi,

    Most welcome. I’ll send you a mail insha’Allah.

    Fi amanillah,


  16. Asma Khatun

    as-Salaamualaykum, I really appreciate that your links and sources do not reflect a sectarian outlook of monopoly on knowledge. Just wanted to let you know that Ustaad Abu Taubah’s website has been changed to http://www.timbuktuedu.com/.

  17. haruni

    Wa ‘aleykum salam wa rahmatullah sister. Barak Allahu fiki for your comment and the link.

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