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al-Haythami and al-Haytami

People often confuse these 2 great Shafi’i ‘ulama from Egypt. Who were they? Some short biographical info.

1.) ‘Ali b. Abu Bakr b. Sulayman al-Haythami (d. 807 AH / 1404 CE)

In Arabic: الهيثمي

He was a muhaddith and student of the great imam Zayn ud-Din al-‘Iraqi.

He was THE expert on zawa’id literature in hadith and compiled many works in this field. His most famous work is a great encyclopedia of hadith: Majma’ az-Zawa’id wa manba’ al-Fawa’id.

2.) Ibn Hajar al-Haytami al-Makki [not to be confused in his turn with Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani] (d. 973/974 AH)

In Arabic: الهيتمي

He was a muhaddith but also a great faqih, a student of imam Zakariya al-Ansari and Shihab ad-Din al-Ramli. He was ONE the 3 main authorities in the maddhab.

Famous for his Fatawa al-Haytamiyyah, sharh on the 40 hadith of an-Nawawi and the sharh of the Minhaj by an-Nawawi

As we can see they lived in different centuries. People often mistake them and in transcribing their names (t and th) they makes mistakes as well, just like Ibn al-Jawzi and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah. They had their own specialities in hadith and fiqh.

May Allah have mercy on them.


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The Prophet ‘Imran

Not many people know about the Prophet ‘Imran a.s. or that he was a Prophet. A whole chapter/surah in the Qur’an has been named after his family: Aal ‘Imran (3). The Jews called him a liar because his wife gave birth to a daughter: Maryam (mother of Prophet ‘Isa a.s.), and the Christians took this from the Jews and forgot about him almost. The Qur’an and Islam came to re-establish / confirm he is a Prophet of Allah indeed, although not mentioned among the commonly other 25 Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. The Prophet ‘Imran a.s. has been buried in the city of Salalah, Oman. See here:

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300 mosques in Palermo, Sicily (Italia)

I recently read read there used to be 300 mosques -subhanallah!- in Palermo when the Muslims ruled. What about the state of these mosques now? One signpost in a church remembers of this great heritage and some churches which look like mosques with red domes, that’s it. Islam was wiped out from Italy. Read an article here on the islamic history of Sicily:

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Was the Danish Muhammad – cartoonist burnt alive?

Was the Danish Muhammad – cartoonist burnt alive?

An interesting question….did he?

While in Kenya last year I first heard of this story. It seemed very unlikely to me but I was willing to believe it although I (as a Dutch resident; the Netherlands are very close to Denmark and a lot of people seem to think it is Denmark actually because a lot of Kenyans seemed to think I was from Denmark) had never heard of it before.  This story was sent to people by sms and spread like rapid fire all over the country and probably in a lot more countries (in and out of the islamic world). People were happy and speaking of divine punishment or retribution. It didn’t give me a feeling of happiness to be honest (I feel I should not be happy about the death of a creation of Allah) and to speak of divine punishment is way out my league. This is a matter of the unseen for me which I don’t know anything about and the other hand I would be attributing a lie to Allah if the story would not be true (and this is a grave sin). If he had to die it was qadr. But anyways….Back in my homecountry after four months in Kenya in the beginning of January 2009 I received another sms in which was claimed it was really true that the Danish Muhammad – cartoonist was burnt alive under suspicious circumstances. Now I wanted to know the truth. I asked “shaykh Google” to help me. Why didn’t we in Europe hear about this incident, if it took place, in the international press? Why people in Kenya know about it? I’m sure it would haven been hotly debated all over Europe if it really took place and most probably would it have led to a parliamentary debate in my country considering the (useless) debates that took place on islam and related subjects in our parliament by certain people whose names are not even worth mentioning.  These are some of the results after asking “shaykh Google”:

(N.B.: the objectivity of the above sources is contented and can be doubted. so please be careful when reading from them because they are anti-islam sites!!)

To summarize the answer to the question in a few points:

1. The whole story is apparently a hoax, an urban legend.

2. Created by a Pakistani newspaper, called “The Nation” (

3. The Danish Muhammad – cartoonist is still alive, in fact they are all still alive because there were in reality several cartoonists.

4. The editor of the Danish newspaper (Jyllands Posten)  is also still alive.

5. A lie is attributed to Allah by creating and spreading this story.

One of the cartoonists was interviewed in a Dutch and German (der Spiegel) newspaper at the end of 2008, see the following link:

An advice to all muslims, including myself: question and (try to) verify (every) information you get on credibility (according to the Qur’anic command in aya 17:36) – before you act – and do not just forward any sms or e-mail you get. Furthermore, one can apply the method developed by Socrates, called the “Triple Filter Test”:

1. Is it true?

2. Is it good?

3. Is it usefull?

The answers are obvious. At least I’m convinced the story is not true. What good would there be in it if it were true? Would it have been useful too?

W’Allahu ‘alam and He knows best what is hidden from us and what is apparent.


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Did you know that….

According to the book of the Egyptian Shafi’i scholar al-Damiri (1344-1405), Life of Animals (Hayat al-Hayawan), 931 animals are mentioned in the Qur’an. Al-Damiri is also known for his commentary on the Minhaj at-Talibin of imam an-Nawawi.

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