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al-Haythami and al-Haytami

People often confuse these 2 great Shafi’i ‘ulama from Egypt. Who were they? Some short biographical info.

1.) ‘Ali b. Abu Bakr b. Sulayman al-Haythami (d. 807 AH / 1404 CE)

In Arabic: الهيثمي

He was a muhaddith and student of the great imam Zayn ud-Din al-‘Iraqi.

He was THE expert on zawa’id literature in hadith and compiled many works in this field. His most famous work is a great encyclopedia of hadith: Majma’ az-Zawa’id wa manba’ al-Fawa’id.

2.) Ibn Hajar al-Haytami al-Makki [not to be confused in his turn with Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani] (d. 973/974 AH)

In Arabic: الهيتمي

He was a muhaddith but also a great faqih, a student of imam Zakariya al-Ansari and Shihab ad-Din al-Ramli. He was ONE the 3 main authorities in the maddhab.

Famous for his Fatawa al-Haytamiyyah, sharh on the 40 hadith of an-Nawawi and the sharh of the Minhaj by an-Nawawi

As we can see they lived in different centuries. People often mistake them and in transcribing their names (t and th) they makes mistakes as well, just like Ibn al-Jawzi and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah. They had their own specialities in hadith and fiqh.

May Allah have mercy on them.


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Biografie shaykh Muh. b. Sulayman al-Kurdi

Lees hier: sleman-kurdi

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10 beroemde Marokkaanse geleerden die iedere moslim behoort te kennen

Dit is mijn persoonlijke lijst van 10 bekende en invloedrijke Marokkaanse ‘ulama en awliya waarvan ik vind dat iedere moslim -en zeer zeker iedere Marokkaanse moslim (ongeacht of hij/zij al dan niet in Marokko woont)- deze behoort te kennen.

Ik heb deze lijst samengesteld kort gezegd met o.a. de intentie om bij te dragen aan het oplossen van de huidige crises waarin veel geloofsgenoten verkeren, welke o.a. crises van identiteit en kennis zijn. Door (m.n. Marokkaanse) moslims weer trots te maken op hun erfgoed door hen o.a. bekend te maken met geleerden van eigen bodem kan hun gevoel van eigenwaarde toenemen waardoor hun identiteit sterker wordt insha’Allah.

Ik wil moslims hiermee aanzetten tot onderzoek naar de biografieën van deze geleerden.

Hier volgen hun namen in willekeurige volgorde:

1. Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq

2. Qadi ‘Iyad

3. Imam Muhammad al-Jazuli

4. Shaykh ul-Islam Muhammad b. Ja’far al-Kittani

5. Qadi Abu Bakr Ibn al-‘Arabi

6. Shaykh Ahmad Ibn ‘Ajiba

7. ‘Abd al-Wahid Ibn ‘Ashir

8. Shaykh ‘Abd al-Salam Ibn Mashish

9. Shaykh Ahmad Tijani

10. Shaykh Abu’l-Hasan al-Shadhili

Dit is slechts een greep uit de vele geleerden en awliya die de Marokkaanse geschiedenis rijk is. Wellicht dat een ander met 10 andere namen komt aanzetten. Moge dit van nut zijn insha’Allah!













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Tafsir shaykh ash-Sha’rawi from Egypt

Read, listen and download here:  For the advanced student of Arabic and general benefit of every student of knowledge.

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The Prophet ‘Imran

Not many people know about the Prophet ‘Imran a.s. or that he was a Prophet. A whole chapter/surah in the Qur’an has been named after his family: Aal ‘Imran (3). The Jews called him a liar because his wife gave birth to a daughter: Maryam (mother of Prophet ‘Isa a.s.), and the Christians took this from the Jews and forgot about him almost. The Qur’an and Islam came to re-establish / confirm he is a Prophet of Allah indeed, although not mentioned among the commonly other 25 Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. The Prophet ‘Imran a.s. has been buried in the city of Salalah, Oman. See here:

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From Tarim to Granada

From “Tarim to Granada”, a great documentary about Habib ‘Umar in Spain:

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Shaykh al-‘Alawi

It has been a while since I wrote a post but I’m back. I’ll not p0st that much as before though anymore.

This post will be about a contemporary great Sufi shaykh by the name of Ahmad al-‘Alawi from Algeria who passed away in 1934. This is what ‘Wikipedia’ writes about him:

Here is autobio translated into English by brother Khalid Williams:

Here an article about his legacy:

A biography in German:

He is the founder of the ‘Alawiyyah Sufi – order. This is their website (in French):

Martin Lings wrote a beautiful biography on the shaykh (with the title: “A Sufi Saint of the Twentieth Century“), which can be bought here:

Here is a book review of this book:

I first got to know about this shaykh when I read the wonderful book “Sufism, the heart of Islam” (in Dutch; here: It is available in English ( and written by the grandson of the shaykh: Khaled Bentounes (see:

There is another good book on the shaykh as well: Two Who Attained : Twentieth-Century Sufi Saints: Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alawi & Fatima al-Yashrutiyya, Selections translated from Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alawi’s The Divine Graces and a Treatise on the Invocation, ISBN 1887752692 by Leslie Cadavid (translator) and Seyyed Hossein Nasr (introduction), ed. Fons Vitae (2006)

An e-book with some adhkar / munajat of the shaykh can be downloaded here:

An interesting documentary on shaykh al-‘Alawi and his heritage in Algeria (with Khaled Bentounes) can be seen here (3 parts in French):

Shaykh al-‘Alawi wrote a very nice book on tasawwuf as a response for those who reject this science (better to say: the Salafis). This book has been translated into English and can be downloaded as a PDF here with the title “A kind word in response to those who reject Sufism”:

A Sufi commentary (translated to English) on the poem and classical Maliki text “al-Murshid al-Mu’in” by the shaykh (title: Knowledge of God) can be bought here:

Another translated work of the shaykh can be read here (al-Mawadd al-Ghawthiyyah):

An article of the shaykh on the Salawat on Muhammad s.a.w.s.:

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