Islam in East-Africa

This page is dedicated to islam in East-Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar). I decided to collect and gather some information on islam in this part of the world considering my personal and special connection with Kenya.

Websites, books, articles and videos can be found on history, politics, culture, law, biographies, language.



– The Constant Gardener

– Darwin’s Nightmare



– Belief and practice of divination among the Swahili in Mombasa:

– Wikipedia Islam in Kenya:

– Paper “Political Islam in Kenya”:

– Kenya Coast bibliography from the African Studies Centre in Leiden (the Netherlands):\Publications\Bibliographies\KenyaCoast\&

– The Islamic Question in Kenya:

– The book “Islam and Politics in Kenya” which can be read online here (the book can be bought from:

A review (of several) of this book can be read here:

– Website of the Jamia Mosque Nairobi:

– Wikipedia on Jamia Mosque Nairobi: and here a picture of the domes:

– More pictures of Jamia Mosque Nairobi:

– Islam and the Relious Dimension of conflict in Kenya:

– History of the Jamia Mosque  Railway Landhies in Nairobi:

– The Portuguese, the Busaids and the Mazrui: An article about Mombasa. Here more articles from the same site about islam in Kenya:

– The famous muslim / islamic ruins of Gedi (on the Swahili coast of Kenya):

– The book “Horn and Crescent: Cultural Change and Traditional Islam on the East African Coast, 800 – 1900” can be read here online:



Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance:

– Young Muslims Association:

– Maahad Daawah Organization:

– Al Momin Foundation:

– Reminiscences of Ramadan in Kenya:



– Wikipedia on Lamu:

– Article “Lamu: Islamic Center and Home of the Maulid”:

– Website of the Ba’Alawi:

– Understanding Swahili Cultures: Some Critical Remarks:

– Penetration of Islam in East Africa:


– Video “Moslims in Kenia”:

– A video-documentary on Harar (Ethiopia) by ‘Abdullah Hakim Quick (title “Ethiopia An Islamic History), who also happens to be an expert on Lamu (Kenya) I was told by someone, see the following link:

– Videos of scholar, professor Muhammad Hyder, chairman of Mombasa Islamic University:

– Arab or African? The Swahili, 2 parts:

– The Swahili Coast:

– Khutbah from shaykh Muhammad Swalihu from Jamia Mosque in Nairobi with an interpretor / “translator” for the deaf (which is quite unique in the Muslim world at large): From my personal experience I know there a lot of disabled muslims, with all kinds of physical disabilities, in Kenya, may Allah facilitate things for them.

– Book “The Sacred Meadows”:


– Article:  The Kadhi’s Courts – Setting the records straight

– Chapter on the Kadhi Courts of the draft Kenyan Constitution:

– An article on the sharia – debate in Kenya:

– Article:

– Bibliography on islam in Sub Saharan Africa:


-Islamische Gelehrten zwischen Text und Praxis:

– A biography of shaykh Sharif al-Khitamy:

– Sharif al-Khitamy passes away:

– Wikipedia on Ali Mazrui:

– Biography shaykh Abdullah Saleh al-Farsy:

– Biography of Muslim bin Khalid az-Zanji, the black (East-African) teacher of imam al-Shafi’i and faqih of Mecca:

– Pictures of Habib Ahmad Mashur (Taha) al-Haddad: and here:

– Mu’allim Yahya Ali Omar: and his collected papers:


– Swahili manuscripts database:

– Huge list of Swahili proverbs:

– Swahili Qur’an translation:

– Jan Knappert ( was a Dutch scholar and expert in the Swahili language. He wrote and translated several books, the famous of which was “Utendi wa Tambuka” ( which was translated into Dutch as “Het Epos van Heraklios”. This epic story is based on the hadith of Hiraql as found in Sahih al-
Bukhari, see:


– Memons:

– The book “Islam and Politics in East Africa; The Sufi Order in Tanzania” can be read online here (the book can be bought from:

A review of this book:

An article on “African Islam in Tanzania”:

A study of selected islamic internet sites in East-Africa:


– The role of islam on politics in Zanzibar:

– The book “Sufi Scholars of the Sea: Family Networks in East Africa, 1860 – 1925:

– The Swahili New Year:


– Wikipedia on Harar:

– A (partial) translation of one of the most commonly studied Shafi’i fiqh-books for beginners in Kenyan madaris (Safinat un-Najaa):

– An article on the position of black Iraqi’s (of East-African descent) in Iraq:

– An interesting blog with a lot a historical stuff on East-Africa and the Arab/Indian world:


– The use of Arabic script in northern Mozambique:


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  2. haruni

    Jazzak Allah, just a small effort, in the future I’ll post more insha’Allah as I have collected a lot of material.

  3. yaakub sheikh

    Jazaakallah kheyr, many thanks for this site. Keep it up! how can we contact you?

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